2 weeks ago

Pastor Chris Launches New Channel

Earlier this year, the God Embassy joined up with Pastor Benny Hinn in attemps to deliver a new television system to the USA. Of course, everything went off without a hitch as LoveWorld USA was made into a reality. It reveals Christ's training to read more...

2 weeks ago

My article: Pastor Oyakhilome

The fresh channel that's been designed for for those who are dwelling in in the USA is likely to be used to share the strength of God and to help people see the approach that Lord is operating in the world. The channel will be used to discuss reli read more...

2 weeks ago

Chris Oyakhilome Provides Religion to Americans' TVs

The the tv channel that's being created is athing that is going to give everybody in the United States the possibility to access religious content. This channel will likely

3 weeks ago

Loveworld USA By Pastor Chris

{The Loveworld USA channel will function some specific applications puton by the pastors, too, also it is something which anybody who loves these pastors may will require to get in to watching frequently. Chris Oyakhilome as a ministry started Chr read more...

4 weeks ago

Pastor Oyakhilome Provides Faith to Americans' TVs

Pastor Benny Hinn is famous around the world as an evangelist and teacher of the word of God. His television system "This is Your Day" is seen daily in 200 nations. His ministry has impacted the world more than four years with life-changing and wo read more...